Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Here's to a Bitchin' New Year!!!


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Monday, August 20, 2012

One Hot Ass Mess!.... Again!

Last year Madisyn, "Maddy" {as she is known in the world of toddler pageants} Verst, a pint-sized beauty queen hailing from Campbell, Kentucky made the cover of People Magazine with the headline "[Have We] Gone Too Far?". 

The hit show Toddlers & Tiara's, shown on TLC, had for three years, successfully captured and shamelessly displayed the behind-the-scenes Conflama *{ confusion + conflict + drama = CONFLAMA} of child beauty pageants.  And, just as stated in that the article, "The tantrums were extreme, and the pre-show prep of spray tanning and eyebrow waxing seemed perhaps premature for little kids". 

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Over teased coiffs, excessive tanning, flippers {what!? You don't know what a fricking flipper is?} and over the top customs, shocked and appalled the viewers {who watch with baited breath to witness the finished pageantry of little girls who appear to be not 'cute', but hyper-sexualized miniatures of their parent(s')'s obvious inability to let go of their childhood dream{?}. 

Maddy's mother, Lindsay Jackson,  must really be dense as a stone!  As if last year's buffoonery was not a call for a personal- 'ummmm... maybe I should rethink this whole child as grown-ass Barbie Doll, Dollie Parton knock-off, Pretty Woman look-alike' moment -  this  "I don't have a damned life of my own, so I'll exploit the sh!t out of my unsuspecting six year-old" - Bee-yotch, goes one step too f*cking far!

Yes! Them there is tits and ass on that tot!  WTF!

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This past Saturday, after tossing all of the media people out of the court room {on their asses} and slapping a gag order on Jackson and a  moratorium on pageantry for Maddy and her mother until further notice, the presiding Judge Weoste scheduled the hearing to resume on August 31. 

The issue at hand?  .... yes.  you can bet it stems from those tits & ass!

Maddy's {alleged} dead-beat ass dad, Bill Verst,  is suing for parental custody on the grounds that his piss-poor-ass-choice of a mother for his daughter is sexually exploiting her!   

Jackson's concern:: that a ruling against her will set a precedent  {yet but another "WTF- moment" in my mind} -

Okay, Okay.  I just had another "WTF"-moment"!

Thoughts?! Come on.  You know you got 'em! 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Mother Gotta Get Her Dance On! {With or Through Her Children}

Some days are effing Mondays!  Ask Lawanda Lowery-Gale.  
Lowery-Gale was stopped by Gainsville, Florida police who witnessed her Kia Van side-swipe another vehicle.  Police discovered, that Lowery-Gale wasn't alone, but was being kept company by eight children (ages 10 months to 14 years of age). Six of the children were direct descendants of her trifling, irresponsible azz! The other two were nieces!

Slurred speech, watery-bloodshot eyes, wearing an obvious look of being 'tow up from da flo up' bought 32 year old, Lowery-Gale a set of metal bracelets. As if her poor performance on the sobriety exercises wasn't enough, the combination of a breath test,  administered at the Alachua County Jail, coupled with a blood alcohol level of .166 (legal standard for DUI, in Florida, for DUI is .08) sealed the fate of this bee-yotch mascquerading as a mother.

The Charges:
DUI, eight counts of child neglect and driving with a suspended license by the Gainesville Police Department.

Go To Jail! Directly to Jail!

.... What would make this boughetto-hooker do something so dumba$$ery!?
.....Straight from the mouth of the A$$ - "I'm going to the club"! 


Just one damned question!
How can this hot, trifling mess with six kids! afford a big-screen T.V.?
Uhm just effin' sayin'!
                                                                               * Here's the 'Real,Deal, Holyfield?*

         *side eye*

.... then there's the parents who are hell bent on living their dream through their children of these children!

     ****  I bring you..... {drum roll, puhhh-leazzze}    ****

..... Yes! Russia has talent ! 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

.... From The Mouths of Babes ?!


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                    Banned by, at least, three networks, it appears that "one slip of the tongue from a 'grown-up', becomes the language lesson for the family".            

         *side eye*


Thursday, July 19, 2012

"Popping Up and Taking Over the Place..."



This!  DRAG-SH!GG!TY  Ended My Untentional Sabbatical !

 Rupaul move the hell over! 

These beeyotches are FIE-E-E-RCE!!!

The Double Dutchess, two booty short wearing transplanted San Franciscan transvestites,  are shaking things up with their 'queer anthem' - "Bucket Betch"! 

.... what? Hip Hop!?...hellll naw!!     ......You better say campy electro-hop!

This finger-snapping, catchy sh!gg!ty is what happens when East meets West...

In 'Frisco on August 10th? .... see MORE of these BEEYOTCHES

Sunday, January 1, 2012



New Beginning.
New Hope.
New Dreams.
..... don't eff it up....

Monday, September 19, 2011

Nothing Good Could Come of This....

....... Uhm just saying'.....
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What's next? Tits & Arses!?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!!!


Thank You All for an awesome 2010!

Here's to an Awesome Effing 2011!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

You're going to need a chimney sweep!


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh No! Not Again!

Now we've talked about this subject in another post.  I just couldn't resist coming back to it.
Tell me why someone would pay to have this done?!  Once we get past that dumba$$ery, there are a lot of  other things that I wouldn't trust about the boug-ghetto hooker who wears these petri-dish daggers...

...like ANYTHING that comes from out of their kitchen!

I. Just. Don't. Get. It!


Monday, November 29, 2010

This just about sums it up...


Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Little [More] Thanx-giving Cheer

Dude. Have a reallllly cool Turkey!!!

...see you tomorrow...

Happy Thanx-giving!!!

Dude.  Don't get stuffed!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

You Touched My Sh!gg!ty!!

This Thanksgiving I'm giving airport security something to realllly wrap their hands around

I found these way too cool labels that appear to allow those down-low voyuers, at the airport security check points, a sneak peek into the seedy underbelly of my packed deliciousness!

So. Maybe. If I refuse to go through that  'let me oogle you while I fantasize!' scanner,  the TSA workers will feel prompted to reallllly pat me down! *sarcastic eye roll*

Happy Travels!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Post-It Note Friday!


Just some random sh!gg!ty that's on my mind::

You know you want to play along!  Leave your 'Post-It Note Friday' Rants in the comment section.  I'll use them in a post on the blog with a link back to your blog hangout!
What do you say? 
Do you want to play?

Thursday, November 18, 2010



...give me something to say

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Don't Touch My Sh!gg!ty...

After the 9/11 incident, the U.S. government lost it's mind and became a police state!  Now come on, y'all!  Don't act like you haven't peeped their ish since this most tragic happenin'! 

Let's start with the warrantless sobriety/immigration check highway searches.  Officers serving up routine vehicle and person searches... without reasonable/probable cause and/or consent!   Can you say *loudly* "Puhhhh-lease violate my  Fourth Amendment Rights" !!!! 
...by the looks of this SHAT, Arizona has no problem obliging us!

The shoe removal of yesterday has been been partnered with the nonsense of full body scanning, electronic strip searches & sex organ groping!  All of this under the guise of  making the America public feel safe! 

I have but one okay, maybe more, but for now just one thing to say

This smoke-screen approach to solving this bullsh!gg!ty tops the DUMBA$$ERY LIST!!

I don't want to FEEL SAFE!....I want to BE SAFE!!!

              NOW. THAT. BEING. SAID. 
                                                                             *side eye*

In The Real World Where The Rest of Us Live....

...if we publically pawed & undressed an underage child, our azzes would be roped & hog-tied to a prison wall!, mandated to keep our local neighborhood registry updated about our dumba$$ behavior... 
...remember to register on the very public, sex- offender's list! Stay away from your local daycare centers & elementary schools!  And by all means, no passing out candy on Halloween!!!!

...even the most drunken idiot would be beeyotch-slapped into a wall, slammed head-first onto the floor, pistol-whippedd, cuffed & tasered [tzzzzzzzhhhh] into more of a stupor courtesy of  'The Men in Blue' ...if we for some dumba$$ reason decided to grope the likes of our favorite stripper...
...leave your dollars on the floor...anything more 'hand-on' may be construed as a pat down fondling

...creepy guys, like Herbert, used to sit all day in a wheelchair, aimless fondling their jewels as if their nastiness couldn't be peeped  while reminiscing about the horny days of their adolescence... 
NOW...they get a second chance to live out the horny days of their adolescence...[dirty summa ma b*tches!]

...as if the average male doesn't have enough insecurities! 

...the saddest thing about all of this bullsh!gg!ty!?  the terrorist are probably sitting somewhere slapping their knee about this false sense of security resulting from all of this airport security SHAT!

...and the f*ckery will continue!!!...I'm certain!

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